How to have a spontaneous orgasm

There is a misconception that the pleasure capacity of erogenous zones is secondary - that they are not where the all of the action ultimately happens. This could not be further from the truth. Not only do erogenous zones on our bodies turn us on and heat things up, but, making them the sole focus of sex play can result in climax. When coupled with erotic thoughts or fantasies, touching any one of these spots can trigger what's known as an extragenital orgasm or spontaneous orgasm, an orgasm that is reached without genital contact.

When you stimulate any one of these areas, give them as much attention as you would the genitals. Be open-minded to everything they have to offer - there really are no limits. Embracing them as hot spots will enable you to get off in ways you may have been unaware of, ways you've never imagined. Your mindset during sex play is your most powerful tool in helping you attain peaks of pleasure. If you allow your expectation to be "anything can happen," you many end up magnificently, erotically surprised.