How to use scents to trigger a satisfiying sex life

The nose is a major source of eroticism and scents can enhance your senses, your mood and can energize your body. Scents can leave an association imprint in your memory and when reencountering that scent a person is more likely to recall not only the event, but also, just importantly, the feeling that went along with it.

Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils to trigger specific effects or results, is especially effective at helping people to associate luscious smells with erotic moments. Certain scents are valuable in increasing attraction and enhancing sex play. If you use essential oils, incense, scented candles, massage oils, or scented soaps in your boudoir you may want to try these fragrances:

  • Earthy, pungent Patchouli relieves stress, increases sexual energy and clears distracting thoughts.
  • Ginger promotes circulation, increases body warmth, and stimulates sexual interest and energy.
  • Jasmine can enhance romantic feelings and increase sexual interest and energy
  • Peppermint promotes circulation
  • Ylang ylang has euphoric, aphrodisiac qualities, increasing blood pressure as well as sexual interest and energy