How to wear a garter belt.

A lot of women do not know how a garter belt should be placed or where the stockings go. This contraption isn't as complicated as it appears, but you never know until you try!

  • 1. Start off naked and put the garter belt on, closing it so it rests comfortably on your hip bones. It should fit snugly enough to stay in place when it is tugged at from the bottom - it shouldn't be pulled down by the stockings.
  • 2. Slide your stockings on carefully, without twisting. Once your stockings are properly positioned, grab the top of the stocking in front and hook it onto the clip that hangs straight down from the body of the garter belt.
  • 3. Then do the same to the top of the stocking at the back of your leg.
  • 4. Stand straight in front of your mirror and adjust the strap length of each garter as needed.
  • 5. Now put on your thong or panties - over your garter belt. This allows you more..... freedom