The power of the panty

Panties might seem like an item you can just grab off a sales rack, but the wrong pair can create lumps and lines that can ruin any outfit. That's why finding the best size and style for you (and your clothing) is so important. Still, many women struggle to find a pair they're happy with. If you are lucky enough to have found a favourite that you no doubt want to stockpile, you may find that your one, beloved, tried-and-true style doesn't work under everything. Get the fit right by sizing wisely. It doesn't matter if they are the most gorgeous pair of panties in the world; if they don't fit, they're no good. Take some time to try them on as sizing varies across brands and labels don't necessarily mean much - if you are usually a medium but find the large fits better buy what fits and, if you really hate what the tag reads, cut it out - nobody will know.