Things we love this week!

Luxury storage for people who value their privacy.

Our customers often share stories about prying eyes and little fingers accessing bedroom toys and accessories that they would prefer to keep hidden away yet still accessible when the mood strikes. We love this stylish and creative solution for discreet storage of toys and many other valuables.

It looks just like a tissue box but this is no ordinary tissue box.

The ToiTissue is designed as a fully functional tissue holder that will hold about an inch worth of tissues in the top. The beautiful cherry wood finish will suit the decor of any room and as long as it is not out of tissues no one would even think to look inside it. To access the storage area just tilt the holder and a drawer perfect for storing small items like cash, jewellery, condoms, smaller novelties and any other personal items that will fit, slides out.

The inner storage area measures 8 inches across the bottom, 3.25 inches from side to side and 1.25 inch of height. Outer dimensions are 9.25" x 5" x 4".

This discreet storage product does not lock; it is designed for easy access at a moment's notice.

ToiTissue is the ultimate in discreet storage.