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Massage Oil Candles

Sharing a warm massage with your partner can also aid in intimacy and bonding, bringing you closer together and giving both of you an over-all better sexual experience. Touch someone you care for with our range of Massage products. Each is artfully blended with an enticing fragrance and a powerful effect on the mind, body, and spirit. First we have our massage oil candles, which are created by combining premium nut butters with quality fragrant oils in the image of a candle. Light the wick and the butters melt into hot oil that will fill the room with a beautifully exotic fragrance, then snuff the flame and drizzle the oil directly onto your partner’s skin. Massage oil candles offer a sensual massage and a HOT tactile thrill without burning and are paraffin and preservative free for a clean burning candle that never feels waxy on the skin. Wicks are lead-free cotton.


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